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Oooh! Firefox 3. Hope I haven’t wrecked everything

I just went and deleted reliable Firefox and dumped 3.0.7 into my applications folder. And now, I try to remember which things I had to struggle with six months ago. It chucked out my Piggy Bank, but that was something from MIT Media Lab that never really worked for me. The Delicious button couldn’t be updated but the whole Diigo toolbar is there and working (sorry Delicious). And Zotero is there but I do not use it, so, would I have missed it?

More worrying, of course, are all the embedded applets and players: Flash 4, Silverlight, Quicktime Player and heaven knows what else makes the Web work that I have forgotten about. We’ll just have to see how it goes.

Even more worrying 😉 I am not sure 3 is prettier than 2. As vanilla, the chrome is, well, kind of like Chrome: German industrial metal. Might have to find some soft-edged skin (yeah, like I spend my time doing that).

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Tried using Posterous for a group writing exercise; not a top success

I thought that Posterous might be a useful, easy, collaboration tool. The barriers to entry are low and the user interface is email. However, it didn’t really work. I made a crucial, but probably inevitable, mistake. And, for sharers there is the need to create an account. I hadn’t counted on that. I thought that by nominating a number of email addresses that those addresses would just be able to post.

The mistake was setting up a new Posterous blog in my existing account and sharing it with a number of collaborators. This meant that all the profile information and “post everywhere” stuff was active for the new blog, too. There wasn’t a separate group identity. I had to delete all my personal stuff just so it didn’t look like everyone was posting to my blog. And, all of a sudden the group posts were appearing in my Twitter account and other blogs. I had to turn off the post everywhere feature.

What would have been better: create a new Posterous account. But, this would have required a new email. Posterous is so easy because it ties your blog to your email. It receives an email from x@y and bangs it into a@y’s blog. Dead simple. This makes it a great personal tool but not a great collaborative tool.

The work around that springs to mind would be setting up a new e-mail account for each new Posterous and then nominating your primary account as a collaborator along with other collaborators. But, hey, get a wiki.

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My ideal PDA wish list; is what I want a netbook?

I want a small, wifi connected PDA.

The ideal machine has
1) good wifi
2) email client and off-line email writing/reading facility
3) full feature web browser preferably running Flash (and Air?)
4) calendar that syncs with Brookes Oracle & my MacBook Pro preferably through the Oracle Calendar client (iCal does not cut it – too many intermediate steps afaics)
5) Twitter client
6) external keyboard capability, probably through Bluetooth
7) MP3 Player that syncs with iTunes
8) Photo viewer that syncs with iPhoto
9) “enough” storage (I have 17 Gig of music)
10) audio recording facility

Oh, and fits in a pocket.

I do not really need a document editor or spreadsheet, but viewing doc/docx, ppt, xls/xlsx would be handy

Bluetooth would be nice (see keyboard, above) especially if it enabled the occasional use of a 3G phone for connectivity when there is no wifi

I don’t really want another phone, particularly one tied to a particular network. I don’t want another camera. I am happy with the phone & camera on my SE c902.

I have considered:
– iPod Touch
– HP iPaq 214
– HTC Touch Pro
– SonyEricsson Experia
– various net books

It seems that the iPod Touch has: 1, 2, 5, 7, 8, 9 and maybe 10

The fact that there is no Flash client for Safari on the Touch means sites like YouTube and SlideShare need their own,separate player and any site that embeds these things won’t play them. Mozilla is not, apparently planning to release Firefox for the iPod Touch/iPhone platform.

iCal is a right old hound. Fine (sort of) if all you have is your own Mac and Touch and a MoblieMe account but sync with owt else, forget it, and it is buggy as @£$%^&

That the iPod Touch/iPhone don’t have Bluetooth just seems mean. A keyboard like the iGo would be perfect for actually writing something like this.

The Windows Pocket PC Machines appear to have 1, 2, maybe 3, maybe 4, 5, 6, 7. They are all let down by lack of storage. I like podcasts.

Windows net books have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9. Unix netbooks don’t do the calendar. And netbooks don’t really fit in a pocket. But the Dell Vostro A90 with 8.9″ screen at £199 is pretty close. I’d just need to carry a small clutch 😉

Interestingly the SE c902 nearly does all the above. If I could connect a keyboard to that phone to write emails I’d probably have what I wanted. It syncs fine with Oracle Calendar, OK no wifi, but 3G, HSDP & WAP. Form factor is a bit titchy but Java is good and Opera is an OK browser. No Flash, admittedly. If I could drive it with all fingers, that’d be great.

Guess I’ll keep waiting for Xmas.

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