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Is this a signal about the direction of Foundation Degrees in the UK?

“The best and brightest take a detour” Enrollment in honors programs at community colleges seems to be growing faster than overall enrollment at the [colleges], which surged by about 10 percent this year in the Washington region, as students of various age groups and socioeconomic levels sought affordable higher education.

via Daniel de Vise washingtonpost.com

Many highly able and high scoring US students are opting for public community colleges for the first two years of their four year undergraduate programmes: live at home and pay less than a quarter of the tuition fees demanded by top universities, and then transfer into the final two years at one of those top “schools”.

At present, in the UK, foundation degrees are only seen as a “widening participation” channel. Could we see the development of Foundation Scholars programmes or other FDs for top performers at top FE colleges?

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